My first npm package: stimulus-image-grid


A Stimulus controller for beautiful image grids #

I published my first npm package today!

With only three optional parameters, this is a simple, drop-in, backend-agnostic, code-free solution that is completely free of CSS opinions. It’s responsive and scales to whatever bounding container you give it.

It’s also performant AF: stimulus-image-grid uses the ResizeObserver so there’s zero screen flicker. It’s compatible with Turbolinks by design and free for personal and commercial use.

Built for StimulusJS #

This Stimulus controller allows you to make any configurations for the image grid directly with data attributes in your HTML. Once registered in your Stimulus application, you can use it anywhere you like.

Here is a simple example:

<div data-controller="image-grid">
  <img src="">
  <img src="">
  <img src="">
  <img src="">
  <img src="">

Yes, that’s really it.

Setup #

Add an import to your main JS entry point, and then register it:

import { Application } from 'stimulus'
import ImageGrid from 'stimulus-image-grid'

import { definitionsFromContext } from 'stimulus/webpack-helpers'
const application = Application.start()
const context = require.context('../controllers', true, /\.js$/)

// Manually register ImageGrid as a Stimulus controller
application.register('image-grid', ImageGrid)

And you’re done! Note, this package relies on the alpha preview of Stimulus v2, which is stable and available here.


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